March 2018


HFC pneumatic grippers are mainly made of the cylinder fingers, rod, and piston rod. The actuating principle is the following: when air is introduced from the rear side, the piston is pushed forward, at the same time, the piston rod wedge-shaped structure is pushed, thus opening the fingers.

Both the wedge-shaped structure of the piston rod, compared to the standard structure, and the material used for the fingers, namely 17-4 PH, offer a clamping force higher than similar products.
The product, operating between 0.15 ~ 0.6Mpa working pressure, does not require lubrication and is provided with fixing holes on the bottom of the cylinder to ensure the accuracy of the assembly even after repeated assembly and disassembly; the peculiar cushion design reduces the noise level during operation.

The product range, include minimum diameter 16 up to 63, is applicable to a variety of automated equipment through calipers and robotic arms. The models currently available include two, three, four gripping fingers, seven cylinder bores with different strokes to meet different customer needs based on the size and to the type of work to be done



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Atc (Italia) s.r.l. is the European branch of Airtac, a Taiwanese group whose brand in Asia has been recognized for years as equivalent of quality and innovation at the same time.
The European branch even if belonging the newly borne of Airtac family (Airtac will soon celebrate 20 years anniversary), among Japan, Malesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, has gained a remarkable position in the contest within the European competitors.
Since its establishment in 2009, ATC has registered a steady growth, but the key point in its development is the change of management occurred 4 years ago, that has achieved the peculiar union of precision, innovation and automatization of the headquarter and the European need for a quick and efficient service.
The entire range of Airtac products is designed by the 300 engineers employed in the two R&D centers of Ningbo and Tainan, to grant the customer a reliable product whose price is averagely lower than the market price.
High quality products and cheap prices, it may sound as a contradiction, but it is not, considering the key role of automatization within Airtac production cycle, the same that ATC is carrying out even if in “a small way”: the connection between the ERP and the automatic warehouse and a “put to light” picking system.
The process of innovation has involved the whole management of the orders. Processing the orders is now possible through a virtual B2B system which allows the user to search for the code of the article and to identify it thanks to the visualization of the picture of the product. The order processed by the user is seen by the sales department and, through the operation of the delivery notes, the sales office communicates with the warehouse. In this way, once the communication between the operating system and the warehouse is done, the step of picking can start. The automatic warehouses operating through to the logic of locating the products on the shelves allow the operator to pick up the goods more rapidly and to locate them into boxes identified by a light (from this the name “put to light” comes from). This operation identifies the exact quantity of article to locate per each delivery note and per each costumer. In the meantime, a picking list is created and it does not only indicate a list of articles but also the order of picking though a bar code system. This is a first step towards a solutions that is no more futuristic but rather a step towards the realization of a 4.0 Factory, a project about to be achieved in various company.
Both the group and ATC share the same target: offering the best product at the best price with the best service; investments to realize such targets are a concrete proof thereof.
In the last two years the group has built a logistic centers in China and one in Tainan, that shall be dedicated to the logistic of the “overseas”.
2017 will be a decisive year for Airtac, as finally the products that complete Airtac product range will be launched. Alea iacta est (“The die is cast”)